Domino’s Does NOT Deliver!


On August 11, 2013 I went to Domino’s in Bluffton (#2927) and ordered a small 10″ cheese pie with onions.  The kid at the counter spoke in such a low tone that I had to ask him numerous times to repeat what he was saying, and I’m not even sure he was totally paying attention to what I say saying since I even had to repeat my order twice for the kid at the counter stating “small pie” each time.  Now a small 10″ pie is $6.99, then add in the $1.00 for the additional topping (onions), the total should have come to $7.99 plus tax.

Being in a hurry I didn’t pay attention when I paid for my pie since I still had to run to Publix to get some groceries.  After putting the groceries into my car I decided for one reason or another to check my receipt from Domino’s and found that I was charged $8.99 plus tax for the pie.  In talking with another person at the counter, he tells me that I ordered a medium pie for $8.99.  I voiced my displeasure at this and to my surprised all I got was a “sorry, that’s what we made you…a medium pie”.  No mention of we’ll make another pie for you or anything like that, of course I was so pissed off by then I just grabbed my pie and walked out.

I know I should have demanded they remake the pie to what I actually ordered and to reimburse me for the difference, that I take full credit for, but believe me it will be much different IF I ever order a pie from them again.

Rating: 2 Stars



One thought on “Domino’s Does NOT Deliver!

  1. I’ve had a similar problem with them.


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