Still ONLY 1 Flavor for Dairy Queen




Back on August 20, 2013 I posted about Bluffton’s one and only Dairy Queen and how they have had only 1 flavor of ice cream since April 2013. You can read the blog post HERE.

Once again I decided to give them a chance/try/or whatever you want to call it and get a much wanted Hot Fudge Sundae with CHOCOLATE ice cream. I am so pleased to announce that after a full year they STILL DO NOT HAVE CHOCOLATE!!!  In speaking with an employee, it seems that no one cares if they have 2 flavors or just 1 or even if the machine will be repaired.

Oh and speaking about machines, they now have only 1 machine working and vanilla coming out of both spouts.  I can only guess that chocolate ice cream needs something special on the machine in order for it to come out the spout ????

I wish someone could enlighten me as to how they stay in business!

This seems like a job for “Undercover Boss”!!!!

Rating: 1 Star (and that’s being nice!)




Dairy Queen has HOW MANY Flavors – 1 or 2 ???

200px-Dairy_Queen_logo.svgI am a frequent flier at Dairy Queen on Plantation Park Drive in Bluffton, SC but since April of 2013 I have been totally unhappy!  Now I’m wondering just how many flavors Dairy Queen is supposed to have.

Alright, now they claim to have 2 different flavors – chocolate and vanilla, but since April 2013 the Dairy Queen in Bluffton, SC has only 1 flavor…vanilla.  I’ve been told, since April, that they are working on only one machine and the other one is broken.  Just how long does it take to repair a machine was my first thought, then just this past month I thought I’d give it a try and see if they got it fixed.  Well surprise surprise, there is now two working machines and STILL NO CHOCOLATE!!!!  In speaking with an employee, he claims one of the machines is still broken ??  But I could clearly see that they are both in working order and the other employees were pulling ice cream from both machines.  Me thinks they need a new excuse!  The last two times I stopped by, I left without making a purchase, I now refuse to settle for something I don’t want because of the store’s errors.

To top that off, 7 out of 10 times that I have visited the store, the a/c was broken and it was just as hot inside as out.  I’m starting to wonder how they even stay in business.

Rating: 1 Star



Bluffton BBQ


For the best ribs in town, come on over to Bluffton BBQ!

I couldn’t believe how great the ribs were and it’s just not ribs, they serve up chicken, pulled pork and a full menu of side dishes to go along with it.  Along with their fantastic dishes, they also offer (on the side of course):  Catering and The Fat Basturd Club.

On my first visit to Bluffton BBQ I just went for the ribs and they were so tender that the meat just fell off the bone. Smothered in their own blend of BBQ sauce, the ribs are to die for!  Since I live in the area, I’m over at the BBQ at least twice a month and have tried just about everything (sides included) that they have on the menu and I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like.

So if your ever in town (Bluffton, SC) you really need to try Bluffton BBQ.

Rating: 5 Stars





Domino’s Does NOT Deliver!


On August 11, 2013 I went to Domino’s in Bluffton (#2927) and ordered a small 10″ cheese pie with onions.  The kid at the counter spoke in such a low tone that I had to ask him numerous times to repeat what he was saying, and I’m not even sure he was totally paying attention to what I say saying since I even had to repeat my order twice for the kid at the counter stating “small pie” each time.  Now a small 10″ pie is $6.99, then add in the $1.00 for the additional topping (onions), the total should have come to $7.99 plus tax.

Being in a hurry I didn’t pay attention when I paid for my pie since I still had to run to Publix to get some groceries.  After putting the groceries into my car I decided for one reason or another to check my receipt from Domino’s and found that I was charged $8.99 plus tax for the pie.  In talking with another person at the counter, he tells me that I ordered a medium pie for $8.99.  I voiced my displeasure at this and to my surprised all I got was a “sorry, that’s what we made you…a medium pie”.  No mention of we’ll make another pie for you or anything like that, of course I was so pissed off by then I just grabbed my pie and walked out.

I know I should have demanded they remake the pie to what I actually ordered and to reimburse me for the difference, that I take full credit for, but believe me it will be much different IF I ever order a pie from them again.

Rating: 2 Stars