Still ONLY 1 Flavor for Dairy Queen




Back on August 20, 2013 I posted about Bluffton’s one and only Dairy Queen and how they have had only 1 flavor of ice cream since April 2013. You can read the blog post HERE.

Once again I decided to give them a chance/try/or whatever you want to call it and get a much wanted Hot Fudge Sundae with CHOCOLATE ice cream. I am so pleased to announce that after a full year they STILL DO NOT HAVE CHOCOLATE!!!  In speaking with an employee, it seems that no one cares if they have 2 flavors or just 1 or even if the machine will be repaired.

Oh and speaking about machines, they now have only 1 machine working and vanilla coming out of both spouts.  I can only guess that chocolate ice cream needs something special on the machine in order for it to come out the spout ????

I wish someone could enlighten me as to how they stay in business!

This seems like a job for “Undercover Boss”!!!!

Rating: 1 Star (and that’s being nice!)